Guaranteed Payday Loans In 15 Minutes Even When You Have Poor Credit Ratings!

Are you searching for payday loans in 15 minutes?? Unfortunately, things can happen all of the time at a moment’s notice. When things in your home need to be repaired on the spot, it can be a truly scary time. In order to take care of things, you need quick money. This is not a problem if the money is in the bank. But, what are your other options when you do not have the money to spend? You can use SolidCashSolutions (bad credit is allowed) to take care of these unwanted emergencies. The following are just a few interesting facts about fast cash loans.

Application Requirements For Fast Cash Loans

Trying to qualify for a fast cash loan is not a hard thing to do. You can accomplish this in two ways. You can either go online or visit a local source that offers these types of loans. You can get Weekend payday loans on Saturday, Sunday and even bank holidays The requirements for these kinds of lenders are not the same as the restrictive ones for your usual financial locations. You have to be eighteen years old and have a good income source. Also, you have to have a bank account that has direct deposit and offers debit cards.

You Do Not Need Stellar Credit

payday loans even when you have poor credit ratings!Although you might not believe it, bad credit is allowed at these types of places. This is one of the few times in which you will not need good credit to gain loan approval. This is the reason that fast cash loans have such a hugefollowing. If you are able to meet a couple of the requirements that were mentioned above, you do not have to worry about your credit history. So, if there is something in your credit history that is not good, you don’t have to worry about it significantly affecting your chance to get a fast cash loan. Just complete the application and the money will be deposited into your account within few minutes or a day at most.

Not A Large Sum of Money

With a fast cash loan, you cannot borrow a large amount of money. The loan sum is about the same sum of your weekly paycheck. This is why it is called a payday loan. It is a temporary solution for when you need money in between your pay dates. As a result, this type of loan is usually for less than $1,500. Now understand that you probably will not be allowed to borrow the maximum amount in the very beginning. You will be allowed to get a smaller amount until you have built up a relationship with the lender. However, as time goes on, you will be allowed to borrow higher amounts.

Risk To The Lender

A fast cash loan is a very risky venture for lenders. As a result, payday loans are not known for having appealing interest rates. Keep in mind that the lender does not know anything about you. The lender is taking a huge risk on the fact that you might not pay the loan back. The lender is okaying an unsecured loan that is not backed by guaranteed assets. This is why you will pay a lot of money for the convenience of borrowing money in a short amount of time without any type of credit check. You might be able to compare varied interest rates of the other payday loan lenders. But, overall, there will not be that much of a difference between the many different fast cash lenders.

Electronic Credits And Withdrawals

Once your application is approved, the funds are electronically deposited into your bank account. This is a temporary loan that you will be required to pay back within two weeks. Basically, the lender is going to take out this cash from your account via electronic devices in about two weeks. In addition to the amount that you borrowed, you also have to make sure that you have enough money in your bank account to cover the amount of interest that was charged for your use of the lender’s money.

Where To Keep Your Savings?

Savings are an important component of our financial life. This is because no person in the world makes money in the exact pattern that he wants to spend it in. For instance, when you are young and single, you might be making more money than what is required. On the other hand, when you are retired, you are making no money at all and require some to survive. Savings and investments are the key here. They help you avoid starvation and gluttony and live a predictable financial life.

Here are some maxims to remember when it comes to your savings:

Cash Is Trash: Keeping your holdings in cash and bank balances is simply unadvisable. You need to keep a certain amount to meet immediate liquidity requirements. However, keeping all of your money there at a single point in time is counterproductive.  The interest rates offered by banks on savings accounts are always less than the inflation present in the market. Hence, you may be losing purchasing power. Your $100 may grow to $105, but it will buy goods worth less than $100 today. Hence saving in cash should not be your objective.

Invest In Real Assets: The best hedge against inflation is real assets that have a tangible existence, such as your house. Real estate grows in value over years. Even if it does not, it does provide you with stable passive cash flow. Gold and silver are known to be the best hedges against inflation. However, ensure that you hold them in physical form.

Invest In Paper Assets: Also ensure that you are well invested in the markets. Invest in a portfolio of stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Keep varying the percentages of asset allocation at different stages of your life.

It is important to save. However, it is even more important not to lose the purchasing power of your money when you save it.