Whoa, too many experiences to recount about my days

As both a distributor of T4ULS and as an employee of Emeralds. For those who describe this M2M organization as a cult, sadly you are dead on right. I remember the first function that I worked, my boss told me to wear no other makeup other than Artistry and if I had a “negative” brand to apply it in the toilet stall! No kidding! Don’t let their downline see me with Clinique LOL. I also remember working from 7 am to almost 2 am on the Saturday of the function, no real meal breaks and bathroom breaks hard to come by. Couldn’t get up to get some coffee or soda. Eventually, some professional convention planners were hired, but the pressure to be “on” was enormous. Now mind you, I am the kind of person, for better or worse, that finds it difficult to be happy happy smiley social and I don’t tend to trust people who don’t feel or express real emotions, thinking that you always have to be “UP.” (No doubt a “negative” personality trait LOL)! Trust me, when I had some quiet time, I took it! I didn’t stick around the function and not sure if anyone noticed, but didn’t care. I do recall once in a function in my hometown, some new tool came out and was being pushed by the upline. I was one of the girls working the tables. Soon as there was an intermission, I am not joking, a CRUSH of people ran out to buy this thing (can’t remember what it was offhand) and were so pushy that the edges of the tables were being pushed into our abdomens. Someone tried to tell people to back off, but they didn’t. I felt like I was just thisclose to getting pinned against the wall. And the look on people’s eyes: you think they were WTC survivors who just emerged from the building.

I also remember that in a gubernatorial election in my home state, I had a bumper sticker endorsing the Democratic candidate on my private vehicle (not used EVER for business reasons). My boss told me that his upline Diamond (who is his son in law btw) told me I had to take it down because this candidate “didn’t support free enterprise.” I consulted the ACLU, but this being Texas, there was nothing I could do complaint wise. Kicking myself now for not taking it to the media, but I was too brainwashed to make a stand.

Anyhow, if any of you worked for your upline (I think I read in one of the posts that someone in this club was also a distributor/employee) I am interested in your stories.