I am very interested in getting some general information about T4ULS

I have not found much information about T4ULS (specifically) over the net. I was hoping some of you could help. I am not thinking of joining T4ULS, but I know someone who is involved in it. It’s a long story, but here it goes. I am married to a wonderful man who has a son from a previous relationship. I love my stepson as much as any of my own children, and therefore, worry about his welfare. Approx. 8-9 mos. ago, my husband’s ex and her boyfriend (whom she subsequently married) started acting unusual. They started putting up pictures of dream homes and pictures of themselves next to Ferarri’s, HUM-VEEs, etc. on their refridgerator. They also began sporting flashy clothes and jewelry (all the while my stepson is dressed in the same old sweats for clothes.) They also made it a point to tell us how they would be going “out of town” for the weekend about once a month…like we were supposed to be jealous. We thought this was odd since we knew they couldn’t afford such things. (He works in a warehouse, she in a grocery.) Then he started saying how he was going to retire her soon, buy her a new minivan, get a maid, etc. We were baffled.

One day, while dropping my stepson off, the ex seemed quick get rid of some papers on their table when we walked in. I hadn’t noticed them until she grabbed them like that, and when she did, I noticed the name T4ULS. Well, through some research I found out what it was. Pieces are fitting together and I am convinced they are involved in this. They have gotten a used, but luxury, minivan and my 4 year old stepson claims that his mother is not working anymore because she loves him so much she wants to spend the whole day with him. (And now he wants to know why we don’t love him enough to stay home with him. Although, oddly enough, we can always find him at the babysitters.) So I am just wondering what the income possibilities for someone in “the business” for 8-9 mos. is. I don’t think this is a jealousy thing, but more of a frustration. I am concerned because my stepson is already subjected to what some people call cult like behavior. His mom is telling him how they are going to move to a humongous home soon (judging by the pictures on their fridge, nothing short of a mansion), and he’s beginning to pick up some unusual attitudes. He’s starting to call people stupid, losers, idiots, etc. He’s never done that before. Also, he’s begun comparing what my husband and I have (which is a pretty good living for a young couple who both work full time and are trying to finish college) to his mom’s new minivan or the house she SAYS she’s going to have. Plus, I’m afraid that if Mr. T4ULS makes it big, it will convey the wrong idea about school, work, etc. to my stepson.
(Both of them barely finished high school and are not the brightest of bulbs.) I don’t know, it’s just my belief that my children and their generation won’t be able to get anywhere without a degree of some sort. Read more at Markets.

And I must admit that it will really make me upset (note: upset, not jealous) and question my life’s choices if these two get rich off of this while my husband and I scrimp and save to get through college and then pay off the student loans that come after that…college we attended to better ourselves and the lives of our children! An ex of my sister is also in T4ULS and claims he makes $2,000.00 a month. (He tried to recruit my sis and persuade her to come back to him. He didn’t say if that was gross or net, plus he’s definitely the type to embellish on his accomplishments.) I’m sorry to go on and on, but these are things that are really weighing on my mind and we really want some honest opinions of T4ULS. I thank you all for your time (and patience with this long posting.)